Sunday, 23 December 2007

4-day weekend

These donuts are all the rage now in KL. Yup I'm talking about J.Co Donuts. If you've been to KL Pavilion where its first ever flagship shop in Malaysia opened just 3 months ago, you would have noticed the seemingly endless Q. In fact on my first visit to Pavilion I was tempted to try them but was put off by the queue. I don't have the patience to queue 40 minutes for a box of donuts :P

The donuts are sinfully sweet. Aside from that, they're pretty tasty actually cos they're really soft and fluffy. Just the way I like 'em.

a box of half dozen J. Co donuts.

Calorie-filled sweetness that go straight to your waistline.

I hear they are planning to expand their donut empire to Singapore next.

On another note, I bought a new pair of Converse today. Will be hitting the streets soon in them :)

Value for money Japanese food? Think again.

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