Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Just another boring day at work...

It's nearly 5:ooPM on a Wednesday evening at work.. Tomorrow is a holiday.. yay!! Time for me to catch up on some much needed ZZz's.

Yearend is my favourite time of the year cos holidays are aplenty.. from Raya, Deepavali to Christmas and New Year.. this year we've even got Hari Raya Haji in between :) It's also bonus time (speaking of which.. where's mine? Need to harass my boss :P) Work is generally slow this time of the year so it's the best time to clear accumulated annual leave.. though I have only 2 days left which I plan to take next week.


Jessie's said...

hohohoho..wheres bubble's bonus?she need it for hanging out with her homies..

hahah kinda miss the time we hanging out o...few more weeks to go..!!

Unknown said...

still waiting for my 6 months bonus LOLz