Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day surprise

It seems to me everyone is on Facebook these days. I activated my Facebook account several months back but I’m not the sort who spends hours on it. I’ve read that some people are so addicted to it they are constantly on their FB. So much so that in many workplaces around the world, FB is banned.

I was online yesterday and got a lil bored so I went on FB and decided to look up my old classmates. I’m terrible at keeping in touch with old frens.. you would not believe that I had forgotten most of my former classmates’ names :P Just the other day at work I got a call from a Bank and the person on the other line was asking a work related matter.. right before she hung up she asked “do u remember me? I’m so and so.. we went to school together” My mind drew a blank LOL.

Well anyways, back to the FB story. I found a guy matching an old classmate’s name. He had a display pic but heck it was so small I couldn’t make out the face clearly. And I’ve not seen him since he moved to Canada 15 years ago! I sent him a message anyway thinking I probably got the wrong guy. When I checked my FB mailbox this morning there was a reply.. he was indeed my former primary classmate. Amazing! What a pleasant surprise :) Funny thing was he remembers me [this guy used to sit beside me in class and copied my timestable in math class many many many many years ago :P] and he had tried looking me up several months back [since I don't use my full name on FB it's gonna be tricky for people to track me down there unless they have my email address]

Now if I could only remember my former kindergarten classmates’ names.. I’d have a field day on FB.. LOL.

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