Saturday, 22 December 2007

I Am Legend

It's been awhile since I last went to the cinema and I caught "I Am Legend" today. It was rather intense but enjoyable (if you like zombie flicks). Just think "28 Days Later" in New York City with Will Smith [which incidentally was also inspired by the book "I Am Legend" by Robert Matheson].

The movie revolves around Smith, a plague survivor who may be the last living human working to find a cure to save humankind and is constantly pursued by the dark seekers i.e those zombies. Not exactly your typical holiday season movie though it did break the record for the biggest December opening ever. [Whatever happened to the good ol' fashioned Santa flicks eh?]

Will Smith carried the movie pretty well. He's like the only person you're gonna see onscreen for almost the entire running time [well the sidekick doggie and those zombies don't count] so if you don't like the guy you'd better stay away. But you may just like the ending LOL.

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