Sunday, 9 March 2008

五月天 and me :D

Boy am I knackered! I finally got to sleep in today then drifted off to sleep again in the afternoon.

Baby J didn't managed to get any pics when I was onstage with Mayday so I tried searching at the forums and LOL I came across this post:-
i went yesterday too! and that m'sia fan who went up to play games with
mayday was omg CRAZAYE! hahaha she was standing next to me and when she came
back,she kept jumping on my toes and my shoes turned from white to grey.
LMAO!!!!! OK I was probably so high when I got off the stage that I didn't realise.. *ahem* sorry to whoever it was I had trampled on your shoes :P

Someone was kind enough to share pics from the promo that day and there were about 20 pics of me onstage.. pretty clear shots too!! Weeeeee!! Mostly shots of me staring intently/drooling at Ashin :P Thank you also to Cynthia who posted the vid of me onstage at YouTube and who had kindly shared her pics.

Monster passing my banner to Ashin!!
Me staring intently at Ashin, not noticing the other guys onstage :P
umm.. I'm being interviewed by the lads LOL
Ashin handing me the goodie bag right before he said to me "U are beautiful" :D
(and I nearly passed out hehehe)

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