Friday, 14 March 2008

Wear Stereo. Wear Stay Real.

At long last!!!! My Stay Real tee arrived in the mail today. It's been a long 2 week wait. Been awhile since I bought anything from the internet, I had forgotten how much I hate waiting for parcels to come in :P

The tee came housed in a heavy duty zipper bag and attached to the label on the collar are 2 Stay Real tags (as pictured below) There's also a paper bag with a King Kong inspired pose by 阿信. Looks cute! Someone told me the other day that Stay Real are strictly limited edition tees. Ahh.. no wonder the tee comes with a 1180元 price tag! (Mind you, that's about US$38 / RM120 equivalent)

Mine is a S size which fits alright but I would prefer if it was a wee bit smaller cos it's a lil baggy for me (I like fitting tees :D) Hmm.. I hope they will introduce XS size in their catalogue soon.. surely there is a market for that. I came across a post at a forum the other day, someone was in Taipei in January this year and she went to 2 shops looking for Stay Real tees and believe it or not, at both shops all the S size for every single design were sold out (!!!) She was complaining bout how 阿信 should realise that those who are willing to spend up to US$40 on a tee must be MD fans, and most likely girls who generally need to wear the smallest size in a men's line.

What I like best about the tee design are the two straps on the shoulder. Now I can slide my earphones through the shoulder straps to keep them from falling off. Hmm.. is that what the straps are for? Suda51 reckons it's to keep suspenders in place.. Which kinda makes sense considering that 阿信 loves suspenders



Hii I've been to Taipei beginning of september and I went to New York New York, and found some Stay Real Ts!
I didn't went looking around Xi Men Din... but I got 4 Tshirts (soo expensive but I think it was worth it because the fabric is really compfy)


oh and I got the same t shirt as yours! :) heheh