Tuesday, 26 May 2009

20090520-22 DNA巡迴演唱會 香港站 D.N.A Hong Kong (part 1)

Mayday's brand new 2009-2010 D.N.A world tour「五月天 DNA巡迴演唱會 香港站」officially kicked off in Hong Kong almost a week ago. Obviously, my review is overdue

When we arrived at the Coliseum that late Wednesday afternoon, I was anxious to see the new D.N.A merchandise catalogue as they have not been released online. I was thrilled when I saw the catalogue. They've got some pretty innovative and creative ideas for their merchandise. I love the Mayday blank CD-Rs and masking tape!! :) Dead cool. I bought two sets of each item, and 3 rolls of D.N.A masking tape

D.N.A merchandise
They've got so many new tees for D.N.A. I personally like the mascot bear ones cos it's so darn cute. I couldn't choose between the black and white design so I got both ;)

Three of us ended up splurging HKD5300+ on the merchandise (!) and mine are still sitting in my luggage

view of D.N.A stage from the top of Row 55
Mayday played from 20-22 May 2009 at the Coliseum to 3 nights of full house audience. I still don't get why they played on weekday nights..

As I've mentioned previously, Ashin's vocals were slightly off on the first night. He had a throat problem and he was constantly using an inhaler in between songs! Towards the end his vocals got better so it was all good.

What was *bad* was when he sang 心中無別人 (first song during encore on the first night) and had almost completely forgotten all the lyrics. I think he had forgotten about 70% of the words and went on singing "la la la" to fill in the missing words!!!! I hadn't realise till then that I last saw Mayday sang that live in 2006! Ashin probably hasn't sang it much since then hence forgetting the lyrics

We had spectacular seats on the second night at the side of the stage. My friend had got us tickets for different location all 3 nights so we get to watch the concert from 3 different angles =) Night two we found ourselves on the right side (Stone's corner). From where we sat we could see the entire stage it was as though we were on the stage as them!

During one of the set they had Guan You placed right in front of us. It was the closest I've ever got to Guan You during concert cos he's always the one who's placed right at the back of the stage. It was awesome seeing Guan You play upclose.

Ashin dropped his Li Kar-shing toilet paper line and got some new lines, which were equally as lame as his previous one haha. I was hoping he'd get new lines for different nights but he only spoke Cantonese during the first night. Guan You managed a few Cantonese lines during the second night and for the first two nights, Guan You was given a spot to sing solo (with Ashin on drums)

Ashin on drums!
*all photos by bloodbubble 



Anonymous said...

That's a lot of merchandise!! *salivates*=P Fingers crossed that I can get some merchandise tomorrow too! After reading several news articles of the Mayday DNA Hong Kong concerts, I must admit that your blog entry was the most stimulating to put me in my Mayday mood! Thanks for sharing!(=

I'm going to their Melbourne concert tomorrow and I have been shuffling through my Mayday playlist for the past few weeks to practice my lyrics lol(=. It's my first time to a Mayday concert(and to even see them up in person!) so I'm majorly excited at the moment!

PS: I can't believe I didn't find your blog earlier! Reading chinese is very tiring for me so having your blog in english is a true blessing!(And I think I've also seen you on the mdmd.net forum, but I haven't posted in quite a while so I don't think you'll remember me lol. Anyhoo, nice to meet you!)

Unknown said...

I’m excited for you!! Enjoy the concert tomorrow (don’t forget to bring a blue lightstick) and do tell me about it =) When they first announced that they’d be touring Australia, I had planned to attend as well but alas the timing was bad, too close to the HK dates so I can’t make it.

Glad you enjoyed the blog entry. I too struggle to read in Chinese LOL actually I can barely read Chinese XP Part 2 of my entry is coming up soon!

What’s your user ID in mdnet? I don’t post very often there either

Anonymous said...

My id is monkee_appelz on mdmd.net, it's been eons since I've posted there. I occasionally visit to read up on articles but haven't posted in ages!

I'm MAJORLY EXCITED at the moment, I don't think I'll be able to sleep! Less than 24 hours to go! I'll keep you posted about the concert tomorrow!

And I envy you so much that you attended all 3 in HK! One, because I love and miss HK so much, and two, because you attended all 3 nights! UBER AWESOME!!

I wish I could go to the Sydney one too, but my friends aren't as crazy about Mayday as I am, so I'm extremely grateful that they decided to go with me. And at the same time, I don't think any of my friends in Sydney are into the chinese music scene, let alone Mayday so no company there, sigh. But I'm still ecstatic that I'm going!! I mean, how often would/could they come to Australia!(=

Sorry I think I'm rambling a bit too much but just one last question, do they sell blue light sticks at the merchandise stall? I have a vague idea of where I can get them, but it would be good if they sold them there!(=

Unknown said...

I'm afraid blue lightsticks aren't sold at the merchandise stall cos they didn't release any official lightstick for this tour.

I'm excited for you too!! Wonder if they're gonna dance tomorrow hehe and will Ashin speak in English HAHAHAHA i don't think he can XP

mushroomhead said...

y is there so many things to buy? hahahaha...

Unknown said...

because the most profitable thing on tour is from sale of merchandise! hehehe Those guys are smart xP