Friday, 28 November 2008

Be Happy

Now that the Bangkok trip has been put on hold, that leaves me with more funds for my upcoming Taiwan trip (my year end bonus couldn’t have come at a better time heh heh) so I might be up for some serious shopping in Taipei. Splurging at Stay Real will be the first thing on my itinerary =] (ahh this wonderful of purchase power..)

I'm so gonna buy the new limited edition Stay Real X Hello Kitty tee. It's so cute!

I'm off to Singapore tomorrow for the Lee Guitars All-Star concert and I can't wait to get my Be Happy tee.


Anonymous said...

Haha I am gonna buy Kitty T too.

Damn like it!

But it is limited 200 pieces.

Hope we can get it then.XD

Btw, I love the Lee Giutar Concert soooooooooooo much lei.

I like every singer and song haa.


Unknown said...

i enjoyed the concert too. Just got back from SG today...