Thursday, 20 November 2008

Rock on, Apollo!

Finally, after almost 2 weeks of very intense gaming I finally closed the chapter on Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. I just broke my own record for completing an Ace Attorney game in the fastest time! Ardent Ace Attorney fans will know that all the game in the series are really time consuming. I played for hours on end each night before I finally reached the conclusion. Talk about hardcore gaming :P

I was skeptical initially before I played the game, knowing that Phoenix Wright, the original Ace Attorney was no longer the protagonist and in his place was a rookie defense lawyer. But Capcom had to bring Phoenix back in the Apollo Justice game (how else will they please the masses of Phoenix fans?) and to make things interesting, Apollo Justice takes place seven years after Phoenix had lost his attorney's badge. The entire Apollo Justice game revolves around series of events that lead to Phoenix losing his license to practise. Which all makes sense in the end, it was like a really long legal drama. I'm still baffled as to why Maya and Pearls were noticeably absent from that 7 year old case.. hmm

Prosecutor Klavier Gavin, mr Guitar Hero is probably the coolest prosecutor in the Ace Attorney series! He's such an airhead LOL who has ever heard of a prosecutor who does air guitar and fronts a popular rock band while holding a daytime job in the prosecutor's office?

OK Godot comes close to #2 but Miles "Edgey" Edgeworth is still my favourite prosecutor =) Do keep an eye out for the upcoming Ace Attorney spin-off series "Perfect Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth" that should be out by next year. I'll be waiting in anticipation for that!

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