Sunday, 30 November 2008

Lee Guitars All-Star concert Singapore 2008

Last night's Lee Guitars All-Star concert can be described in just two words: simple and acoustic. All the performing artists - Jonathan Lee, Emil Chau, A-Yue, Cheer Chen and Tanya Chua performed with just an acoustic Lee Guitar in hand, with the exception of Mayday who played their usual set with Ashin playing an acoustic Lee Guitar.

the stage. Lee Guitars up for auction on the top left LOL
The concert was long and ended just about 15 minutes before midnight. Much of the concert was not actually listening to the artists sing but rather their stories relating to their Lee Guitar. Tanya talked about how her Lee Guitar is now her boyfriend *ahem* and she named it "xiao li" (I think?) and Cheer told a story about how she once flipped a burger a long time ago for Jonathan. Veterans Jonathan Lee and Emil Chau kept going and on and on about their guitars and all that I almost drifted to sleep listening to the old pops' stories :P


I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know a single of A-Yue and Cheer's song last night LOL and surprisingly, I knew 2 of the Emil songs he sang (only cos my mom has the CD) Of the many songs Jonathan Lee sang, the only one that I knew was I'm A Little Bird (I have the Richie Ren version and it's one of my fav Richie duet/cover version)

I've never seen any of the artists last night in concert - Tanya and Cheer sang really well and both have such beautiful and melodic voices. Cheer look really pretty (and so slim!)

Cheer Chen

Tanya Chua
The crowd was really tame. Some people around my area only stood up when Mayday came on. I was really happy they sang Ting Bu Dao cos it's been so long since I last heard them sing it live. Ashin wore the Hello Kitty Stay Real tee last night - I want one!

Ashin in Stay Real Hello Kitty tee!!
Ooo Masa looks cool
Mayday rocking at the acoustic gig
the end (my wide angle lens could not capture Masa, Stone and Cheer in the frame :( )

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