Thursday, 12 September 2013

百家班活蝦 - 基隆路店

Can't decide where to dine out in Taipei? Try 百家班活蝦 Bai Jia Ban Prawn, one of Mayday's favourite dining place. The restaurant has four branches in Taipei and Mayday's favourite outlet is the one located on Keelung Road Sec. 1 No. 126 (台北市基隆路一段126號) 

As you could probably tell from the restaurant name, their specialty is prawns. Check out their online menu here

3/5 of mayday x Japanese comedian 田村淳 Atsushi Tamura x  佐藤麻衣 Mai Sato, pictured outside 百家班活蝦
So is the food at 百家班活蝦 really that good? I'll be the judge of that..

I went on a weekday evening and the place was about half-filled with mainly after work crowd. We sat on one of the smaller table on the ground floor.Service was pretty fast. All in all it was a good value good meal. I'd definitely recommend this place (not just for stalking, but also a good meal)

hmm.. can't quite decide what to order
le menu
charbroiled salted prawns 鹽烤蝦 and stir fried water spinach 清炒空心菜
+ sesame oil prawn 麻油蝦
main entrance
looks familiar?

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