Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Britpop invasion

I haven't heard Placebo in ages. In fact in almost 10 years.. I thought they had disbanded but how ignorant and wrong I was! Brian Molko (I remember him.. Mr dark eyeliner) and the lads played at a MTV gig last weekend in Cambodia's Angkow Wat.

It was an anti-human trafficking gig held at the 12th century ruins (transforming it into a rock concert venue) and featured The Click Five alongside other Cambodian artists.

Notice how Britpop bands from the golden era are starting to make appearances in Asia? They probably got fed-up of trying to break into the American market LOL. And it's about time. A decade late but nevertheless, better late than never :)

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ツリちゃん☆ said...

It's true, isn't it~ But a decade late is okay too, cause those fans who love them then can now watch them play as many concerts as their finances allow~ (yeah!)