Friday, 19 December 2008

Mayday 100,000 People 出頭天 concert - Blue Day

Like the thousands of crazy Mayday fans, we left the stadium immediately after Green Day ended and headed straight for Rock zone C to queue up for Blue Day. This time we decided to queue at zone C (rather than zone A) cos some of the gals who are Monster fans wanted to stand on the left side of the stage and also cos zone C meant we could sleep with a roof over our head as the queue ran along the stadium which was sheltered, unlike zone A which you have sleep by the main road. Weather forecast predicted rain that weekend and we didn't wanna get caught in the rain.

Rock zone A overnight queue
Rock zone C overnight queue
By the time we got to zone C, there was already a long queue. Right in front of the queue were the fans who had queued up since days before (they left placards to reserve their spot). We laid our stuff and tried to get sleep but ended up chatting and giggling so hard (much to our neighbours' annoyance) For the first time in my life, I felt like a homeless person sleeping by the sidewalk :P I had a cozy hotel room in Xi Men Ding but there I was camping out in the cold along with hundreds of other strangers.

Saturday was a fairly warm and sunny day but overnight the temperature dipped. %$^&! I had only my fleece jacket on and still I was shivering. It was far too uncomfortable to sleep so in the end I got up and 'patrolled' the stadium several times.

By the break of dawn, we were relieved of our overnight duty. We took a cab back to the hotel. I took a very much needed hot shower and was ready to collapse into bed. Managed a quick 1 hour nap. By 8am we had to be up and ready to get back to the stadium for the 9am ticket redemption.

Ticket redemption was really quick on Blue Day (cos we were far ahead in the queue compared to the day before) By 9:15am we got our tickets and made it within the first 500! Only the first 500 fans were allowed in the stadium first.

Since it was still early, we went around to snap photos and bought the new Stay Real lanyard which was just released. Then we took the metro train to Xi Men Ding for brunch before heading back to the hotel for a quick catnap. On the way back, we saw a massive Q for Xiao Zhu's autograph session right in the heart of Xi Men Ding.

brisk business at Stay Real
Stay Real's Kitty Robot tee was released on Green Day and sold like hotcakes!
more merchandise - Be Happy and Be Rock
Mayday's signature model Lee Guitars was available for pre-order at the stadium
Back in the hotel, we managed a quick 45-minute nap before heading back to Zhongshan Football Stadium. The queue to enter the stadium starts at 3pm. Weather was fairly chilly that Sunday and we were all shivering in the cold while waiting to be let inside the stadium.

While queueing up we could hear Mayday rehearsing and I couldn't believe it when I heard them playing "有你的將來"!! I love each and every single one of Mayday's Hokkien song and this is certainly one that I haven't heard them sing live (only on CD).

Not long after they finished rehearsing/soundchecking, they let the first 500 fans into the stadium ground. When I saw that the little entrance into the enclosed VIP zone was open, I was overjoyed! (on Green Day that area was only open to people with tickets from the sponsors) Yay!! Camping out on Saturday night really paid off.

the main stage
in the enclosed rock zone area!! 
We waited a good 90 minutes or so before the concert started. When the fireworks display came on, we couldn't really see it clearly cos this time we were standing right in front of the stage and the massive pyramid stage blocked our view. Mayday appeared after the fireworks, on the mini stage playing "戀愛ing". What a great song to kick start the concert :)

I thought Green Day was amazing but Blue Day was even better!!! Mayday really do rock and they are so friggin' amazing live! They talked a lot more on Sunday and there was a part when Ashin spoke to Monster about whether given a choice, he'd still be a guitarist for Mayday. Monster's reply was a rather ferocious "yes" yell :D Right before they sang "笑忘歌", Ashin talked about friendship and it was really touching. Everyone in the crowd held hands as we sang along to "笑忘歌".

Merry Christmas from Mayday!
They had two guest artistes on Blue Day - Yoga Lin and Sandee Chan (who?? Till today I still have no idea who she is). Yoga look really umm 'weird' in person LOL. He sang "有你的將來" and he sang it really well. I rather enjoyed their "透露" duet (Crowd also did a "透露" duet with Mayday on Green Day).

They played "纯真" and "金色大街" on Blue Day. "志明與春嬌" was the final song! It's been so long since I last heard that live :)

When we first arrived at Zhongshan Stadium on Saturday, my friends and I vowed never again to attend such a concert but by the end of Blue Day we made a pact to come back for the next shows and to bring a tent the next time. Heck, we wouldn't mind camping there for a week if we have to =D


Michelle said...

I was searching for some photos of Mayday's concert and I came to ur blog..i just wanted to say..omg!!..u'r so lucky to be there!! :D

Ms Chew said...

the camping looked fun! It must be quite freezing there. And concert looked awesome from everyone's account. I so regret that i left taiwan too early. Will you be coming over to singapore's mayday concert? =)


Unknown said...

Camping out was fun and temperature that night was colder than the previous day so it was pretty chilly. Are you from SG? Yes I’ll be in SG for the Jan concert ;)

Ms Chew said...

yup. Am from SG. Nice to know u. =) Heard that they are going to have a series of concert again in august next year. My pocket is gonna burnt.

Unknown said...
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