Sunday, 21 December 2008

My Stay Real haul

It took me 4 days to finally clear my all luggage that was sitting on my floor, cos I was too lazy to unpack. And I had to find a place to stash all the Stay Real bags (looks like I'm starting a Stay Real paper/recycle bag collection) I wonder how Shirley brought her Stay Real haul back cos she bought a lot more than me. She spent in excess of S$1,000 on more than 20 Stay Real tees, and they were all for herself. She can wear them to work everyday for a month LOL

I have the first edition Stay Real paperbag with Ashin on it ;)
collectible Stay Real label tags
I've been listening to Teddy's "Tu-Be, or Not Tu-Be". It's on an EP which was given away free with a magazine that I bought in Taipei. I only bought it cos the song was composed by Stone ;) Maybe I should also buy Fahrenheit's new album when it comes out cos Monster composed a song for them...

Teddy's EP

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