Monday, 8 December 2008


Somehow or rather I knew this was gonna happen.

Pu, my HK buddy (fellow Mayday and Leehom fan) who I'll be meeting this Saturday at the Mayday concert in Taipei sent me a message on Facebook today asking if I will be attending Leehom's pre-order event on December 13. I had no idea Leehom had an event that day!! Leehom will be having a Heart.Beat pre-order signing session in Xi Men Ding at 1:00pm that Saturday. *sigh* How will I make it to both event? (Need to split myself into two LOL)

I have to be at Zhongshan Football Stadium early that Saturday to Q up to redeem my Mayday concert ticket then Q for a second round to get into the stadium. Thankfully, there is a window of opportunity after the first Q cos Leehom's event starts at 1:00pm, though leaving Zhongshan Stadium after ticket redemption would mean I won't get to the front by the time I arrive in Xi Men Ding. (hmm.. will have to ask Net if I can cut the Leehom signing Q and join her friend :P)

The last time I saw Leehom at last year's Taiwan signing session, he spoke to me and asked about my YouTube account!

grinning like a silly monkey whilst staring at Leehom signing my CDs 
that's Leehom and me at Taipei "Change Me" album signing session July 2007 [delivering Anett's gift to LH] ;) he's smiling at me! LOL
Seeing Leehom and Mayday on the same day in Taipei is a rare treat (oh wait.. I saw them onstage together in Taipei back in 2006!) This is all too exciting hehe!

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sunset2712 said...

Ling, from the way you said Taipei & M'sia is as though they're neighbouring countries! LOL